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Trees are a marvellous resource that improve the look and feel of virtually anywhere, whether the site be residential or commercial.

Even so, there are times when trees can become a problem. If not properly looked after, they can become a nuisance or even endanger people’s lives. That means it can often be necessary to rely upon the services of a tree surgeon and, happily, our tree surgery experts in Stockton-on-Tees, are always on hand to provide the best possible service when it comes to tree care and removal services.

Right from the start, we’ll conduct a full and in-depth assessment of your – and your tree’s - needs before deciding on exactly the precise and appropriate course of action.

It may be obvious that tree surgery can involve the chopping, felling, cutting and taking away of trees but there’s far more to what we offer than just that.

This is because a qualified arborist possesses a higher level of expertise, scientific knowledge and experience than a regular tree surgeon does. The arborist comprehends the anatomy and ecosystem of a tree. Thanks to this, he or she can supply the best service possible when it comes to trees.



Tree Felling

It may be that you need to make space for future projects. Or it could be you want to carry out logging. You may simply wish to clear an area. We can make all of that possible for you.

Tree Reduction

Reducing the height of the tree can promote the growth of its lower shoots and help it to age in the most natural way possible.

Hedge Trimming

If a hedge is not to become an unruly and unsightly mess, regular trimming is recommended.

Tree Shaping

This specialised form of pruning can maintain the tree’s desired shape, as well as preventing it spreading into unwanted areas, while improving the quality of the flowers on it.

Crown Reduction

This kind of pruning is used to reduce the height and spread of a tree’s crown, with the selective removal of live branches. It can reduce the amount of shadow it casts and assist the tree’s maintenance in relation to its direct surroundings.

Tree Maintenance

Action to involve fertilisation and treatment can be carried out, in order to improve a tree’s health and appearance.

Crown Thinning

With this, the crown’s smaller and tertiary branches are removed, creating a more consistent foliage density while not changing the tree’s overall size or shape. This improves air circulation and the penetration of light in the tree’s crown.

Stump Grinding

We don’t have to take a stump away. Instead, we can grind it down to ground level. After this, the roots will slowly rot away. The wood chips produced by the grinding can then be used as mulch. For the tree owner on a limited budget, this method can be more cost-effective than simply having the whole stump removed in one go.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be obstructive, ruin the look of your property and be potentially dangerous. Leave it to us to remove them from your life.

Tree Pruning

Pruning can greatly enhance your tree’s long-term vitality, thanks to the removal of dead or unwanted branches, and help to encourage safe and healthy growth.

Tree Pollarding

Pollarding can encourage the development of a dense head of foliage while keeping a tree at the perfect height. Such a practise may be especially desirable for those who wish that every one of a line of trees has a height that matches that of its neighbours.

Tree Removal

A tree may be diseased. It may have become an obstruction. Perhaps it’s negatively impacting upon a neighbouring property. In some cases, it may even be a danger to people. Needless to say, removal is a major undertaking that’s best left to a properly qualified and equipped professional.

The Cost Of Tree Surgery In Stockton-on-Tees

Every job that we do involves a number of factors and there can, therefore, be no set price for our services. The difficulties of a job, and the labour costs involved, will vary noticeably. Likewise, the nature of the services you require, and the quantity of them, will also define the price.

It should be born in mind, as well, that the needs of residential and commercial properties may differ from each other.

Location is also a factor, as is the weather. Climbing a tree, in the howling winds and driving rain of winter, is not at all comparable to trimming a hedge on a benevolent summer’s day and, so, it is inevitable that pricing will reflect this.

The nature of the required service also matters. The removal of trees will involve the hiring or purchasing of chainsaws, cranes and log trucks. Alternatively, the removal of a tree stump may need just a stump grinder. Again, these multiple considerations will dictate costs.

But the thing that really matters is you can always be certain we’ll strive to provide the most competitive prices for tree surgery services in the Stockton area. This means you can always rely on us to give you the very best value for money available.

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