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There are few locations on the planet Earth that can’t be made better by the addition of trees. Trees can make a positive contribution when it comes to both the ambience and appearance of a property, whether it be residential or commercial.

However, like anything else in life, trees can also cause problems. If not looked after, they can become a nuisance or even start to pose a threat to people’s lives. That’s why there are times when it’s necessary to bring in a tree surgeon, and you can be reassured that our tree surgery experts in Middlesbrough, take great pride in the quality of our tree care and removal services.

Before our tree surgeons get to work, they will carry out a full and in-depth assessment and then decide upon the exact and most appropriate course of action. And you can be rest assured that all of this this will happen with your best interests in mind.

It can be easy to assume that tree surgery simply involves chopping, felling, cutting and taking away trees but, in reality, we offer a far more involved service than just that.

The qualified arborist has a higher level of expertise, scientific understanding and experience than a regular tree surgeon in Middlesbrough can provide. He or she understands the anatomy of a tree and its ecosystem, meaning we can provide the very best service when it comes to the maintenance of trees and their health.

So, just what services can we offer you? Let’s take a look.



Tree Felling

Perhaps you need to make space for future projects, or to carry out logging or to simply clear an area. That’s right up our alley.

Tree Pruning

The removal of dead or unwanted branches will assist in promoting a safe and healthy tree growth, ensuring your tree’s long-term vitality.

Hedge Trimming

A hedge needs to be trimmed regularly, in order to maintain its shape and to prevent it becoming an unruly and displeasing mess.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps created by felling can be obstructive, an eyesore and dangerous. Happily, we can rid a site of such aggravations.

Tree Maintenance

In order to improve a tree’s appearance and its health, action can be carried out which involves its fertilisation and treatment.

Tree Reduction

In order to encourage the growth of the tree’s lower shoots, the height of the tree can be reduced. This will also help it to age in as natural a way as possible.

Tree Pollarding

Pollarding is predominantly intended to keep a tree at the ideal height while encouraging the development of a dense head of foliage. This is especially desirable, for instance, if you wish to maintain a uniform height for every one of a row of trees.

Crown Thinning

This task involves the removal of the crown’s smaller and tertiary branches, in order to produce a more consistent foliage density without altering the tree’s overall shape or size. Doing this will increase the penetration of light and of air circulation in the tree’s crown.

Stump Grinding

Our experts have the means to grind a stump down to ground level. This done, the roots will slowly decay, organically. A side-benefit of this is that the wood chips produced by the grinding can be used to provide ground cover, in the form of mulch. If you don’t have a fortune to spend, this solution can turn out to be more economical than simply having the entire stump disposed of in one go.

Tree Removal

Sometimes it may be necessary to completely remove a tree. This may be because it’s diseased, has become an obstruction, is intruding or impacting upon a neighbouring property or has become a threat to human life. As you can imagine, this major task is best left to a qualified professional supplied with exactly the needed level of understanding, expertise and equipment.

Crown Reduction

This form of pruning involves the selective removal of live branches and is designed to decrease the height and spread of the tree’s crown. This can lower the level of shadow cast by a tree and will help with the tree’s maintenance in relation to its immediate surroundings.

Tree Shaping

Not only can shaping be done to prevent a tree from spreading into unwanted areas, it can also improve the quality of the flowers on it. This is a specialised form of pruning carried out by our experts to effectively maintain the tree’s desired shape.
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The Main Benefits Of Using A Professional Tree Surgeon

That’s simple. No one with any sense would trust an unqualified doctor. Nor would they ever dream of buying financial or legal advice from someone who doesn’t know his stuff. Likewise, it makes sense that you need an expert when it comes to the demanding field of tree maintenance. Hiring the wrong person can cost you heavily, in time, money and hassle. That’s why, to avoid any future nightmares, you should always bring in the tree surgery experts in Middlesbrough.

Safety and Emergency Work

Has a tree caused damage, with fallen branches, or become a safety risk, after a storm? If so, you need to act quickly. An expert can efficiently work out which areas need to be pruned and, should it be necessary to remove the tree, devise a strategy for doing so.

As well as that, factors such as nearby electrical lines will have to be tackled with extreme caution. In such instances, a professional tree surgeon will work with your electricity provider, in order to safely dispose of a fallen tree.


Clearing Space

Stumps may be cluttering an area when you want to launch a building project. Branches may be overhanging a neighbour’s property. Such things can cost you money and lead to aggravation and annoyance. That’s when a tree surgeon is vital.

The expert can prune obstructions, fell trees or remove stumps. Because this is carried out in the most cost-effective manner possible, it can save you money, while the surgeon’s efficiency will also save you time. And, of course, this will all be performed in the safest possible manner, removing the threat of injury to yourself and of damage to your property.

Tree Health Care

Poorly cared for trees can contract diseases, come under insect and pest attack or become vulnerable to the elements. All of this can cost you good money and even pose a threat to human life. A good tree surgeon can carry out preventative care, in order to maintain the tree in good health, thus helping to keep it free of pests, disease and any problems with the site in which it is located.

A professional tree surgeon will perform such tasks as aeration to improve root growth, fertilisation, and spraying to control disease and pests, as well as safety assessments. All of this will help to prolong a tree’s life and increase vitality, thereby reducing the long-term cost of its maintenance, as well as avoiding the major task of having to conduct a full tree removal.


Expertise & Experience

Unlike the unqualified dabbler, a qualified tree surgeon will use their scientific knowledge, the best available equipment and well-proven methods of tree care and maintenance to carry out their duties.

Say you own a tree which looks like it may be in need of removal but you can’t be certain if it can be saved. Without the advice of an expert tree surgeon, you could find yourself carrying out hasty actions like excessive pruning, tree cutting or even tree removal, wrecking the health of a perfectly salvageable tree and it could end up being far more expensive than if you’d relied on the services of an expert right from the start. This is why an experienced tree surgeon is so valuable. One can tell you whether a tree really does need drastic action or if it can actually be saved by other means.

The Cost Of Tree Surgery In Middlesbrough

Because a number of factors are involved in any job, there is no set price for our services.

For example, the complexity of a project, and the labour costs involved, will vary from job to job. The number of services you require and the nature of them will also affect the price.

Also, the needs of a residential property may differ from those of a commercial one.

Location also matters. As do the prevailing weather conditions. Scaling a tree in a heavy deluge and a blasting gale is a long way removed from gently shaping a low hedge on a lovely, calm summer’s day and the pricing will, therefore, be affected by this.

Different services also involve the use of different equipment. Removing trees will require the purchase or hiring of chainsaws, cranes and log trucks. On the other hand, a stump removal may only need the use of a stump grinder. All of these considerations will inevitably have an affect on our charges.

But, regardless of all these factors, you can be assured that we will always set out to offer you the most competitive pricing for tree surgery services that can be found anywhere in the Middlesbrough area. You can, therefore, always rely on us to provide you with the very best value for money you can get.

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